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Blasting Through 'PR Block' (Lesser Known Cousin of Writer's Block)

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

handwritten words like team, concept, creative and idea and cartoons and symbols illustrating these concepts

How does one build the foundation for proactive PR (which is where you approach the media to suggest a story idea—and yourself as a knowledgeable source to discuss—rather than responding reactively to a query received from them)?

Where do you start? What might the press possibly want to speak to you about? The very question often inspires 'PR block,' lesser known but equally annoying cousin of writer's block.

The short answer is that the ideal topic is the one on the minds of you, your clients or your customers, and you already know what those things are.

Still not sure? For some brainstorming questions that I've often used successfully with my clients, to help them break through PR block, click HERE.

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