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"Talking PR" with Of Counsel Magazine

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Table of contents from June 2021 issue of Of Counsel magazine, listing an interview with our founder

Zamo PR founder, Tania Zamorsky, recently spoke with Of Counsel Senior Editor, Steve Taylor, for the magazine's June issue.

She recalled one of her favorite examples—still, almost a decade later—of successful “thought leadership PR," secured by (then) Kaye Scholer’s PR & Communications team, for one of the firm’s superstar white collar partners who was willing to offer objective and insightful third-party commentary on breaking news. "When this kind of PR campaign works, in terms of both efficacy and impact, there is nothing like it," Tania said. She also shared some thoughts about the benefits that law firms can reap from good public relations, as well as some of the PR mistakes law firms and lawyers commonly make.

"There needs to be a healthy balance between not fearing PR, to the extent that they avoid it entirely, and yet also respecting it and working within its boundaries," Tania explained, in the interview. "Helping lawyers do thatto understand that landscape and navigate it safelyis one of the most important aspects of my job as a PR professional."

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