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How Small Businesses Can Sparkle by Selling Products and Services to Large Companies

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Cartoon of goldfish jumping from small bowl to bigger bowl signifying growth

Have you checked out our small business resource yet? We created the side site to provide information and inspiration specifically to entrepreneurs and small business owners. In addition to the (primarily PR-related) content we are providing there, we are inviting other thought leaders to speak about their areas of expertise, which also help to boost small business.

In our latest “Meet the Bincubators” Q&A, we hear from Jenevra Georgini, former Chief Branding & Sourcing Counsel and Assistant General Counsel for AIG - and now Founder of Spark + Sterling, a company that offers strategic and legal support to entrepreneurs, making it easier for them to build lasting relationships with large companies.

Jenevra generously discusses:

  • The types of companies, or products/services, potentially best suited for this type of arrangement

  • Factors that might make a company "ripe" for this kind of strategy

  • What to think about and set up procedurally before you begin targeting large potential customers

  • How to make sure the larger company is the right fit for you

  • Navigating the "due diligence" process

  • The components of a successful pitch

  • Some things to expect when negotiating contracts

  • Ongoing legal and business compliance considerations of contracting with a larger company

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