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Survey Says.../How Law Firms and Other Service Providers Can Use Surveys Strategically

Updated: Aug 18, 2022

Hand holding pen, filling out survey by checking boxes

Zamo PR founder Tania Zamorsky recently spoke with of Of Counsel magazine, about how law firms can strategically use surveys. The article, "Regs & Stakeholders Drive ESG Law as Cleveland Firm Releases Key Report" discussed a recent survey and accompanying report issued by Thompson Hine LLP, which resulted in significant media coverage.

As she explained, “Law firms routinely use surveys for internal research purposes – for example, surveying clients to measure satisfaction and gather feedback, but they can also be a way to demonstrate thought leadership in a particular space. Journalists are always looking for trends and meaningful content, and they are especially interested in the experiences and viewpoints of general and in-house counsel and other corporate leaders. So, if firms can get their clients and other contacts to provide feedback [through a survey] on newsworthy topics, you’ve got something the media will potentially be interested in.” [Please be sure to read the complete article in "Of Counsel: The Legal Practice and Management Report," published by Wolters Kluwer. More information can be found here:]

So, why should YOU consider conducting a survey for your law firm or business? A. For internal research purposes, e.g., to survey clients/customers to measure satisfaction and gather feedback B. To collect and share meaningful data with the press C. To demonstrate thought leadership (and gain media coverage) by placing that data in context, offering valuable context and insights to accompany it D. To repurpose your survey data in numerous other ways - including blog and social media posts, bylined articles, webinars or other presentations, client alerts, etc., growing your reputation as a key source on your survey topic E. All of the above! (Hint, hint. It's me.)

Now, it is important to note that, in order to accomplish some of these things (certainly to be taken seriously by the press), your survey must compile enough data to be statistically significant and to reasonably support certain conclusions.


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